Software Development Consultancy Services

Stacktrace has a senior, experienced development team that focuses on premium, high value-add works-for-hire engagements with Australian, American and European based clients.

We always welcome the opportunity to discuss exciting opportunities from any client, big or small. Please contact us to discuss your project.

We'd love to help.

Value Proposition

Our business model focuses on attracting and developing the best software engineers to enable us to deliver a premium service, and great outcomes for your business.

Stacktrace has been able to create a team and environment that attracts elite developers. We don’t have sales teams or account managers. We don’t have glorified report writers.

We focus on providing the very best technology-people, with the unique skills and verteran experience to deliver the software solutions that elude 'new-to-software' organisations that don't yet have engineering at the very core of their business.

Technical Capabilities

Due to the senior nature of our team, we have experience in a vast number of languages and tech stacks. This enables us to be adaptive and a present our view of the right approaches under your circumstances, for your team.

Our technology experience includes .NET Core (via C# or F#), Ruby, Elixir, Haskell, or Node.js in the back-end. In the browser, we have experience with all modern JavaScript/Typescript Frameworks (Angular, Vue, React, etc.), and newer compile-to-javascript options including ReasonML and Elm (which is our preffered approach).

Our customers' cloud infrastructure is always Terraform-managed, provisioned across either Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure, and designed to support high-scale consumer-facing services with complex compliance and security-audit requirements.

We offer complementary expertise in Functional programming, domain driven design, event-sourcing, API design, UI design, as well as the project and product management required to see your ideas from inception through delivery.

Domain Expertise

Both founders attended medical school together and we are developing our own software products in health, so we have particular expertise in the healthcare domain.

Our wider team has worked across a wide variety of industries, including energy, the not-for-profit ecosystem, finance, real estate and manufacturing.


We are a lean, experienced and nimble company. This gives us the ability to:

  • Move rapidly.
  • Utilise novel commercial structures.
  • Offer low-commitment, incremental solutions at every project phase, from problem discovery through product end-of-life.