Mission statement

To amplify human potential in the healthcare and non-profit sectors.


We believe that with a curious mindset towards problems, one which respects the wider context in which people make progress towards their goals, it’s possible to deliver moments of unexpected joy.

We believe that these moments can create a virtuous loop, in which our customers, our team and our shareholders all win.

We are happy people, creating the best work of our lives.


We do our best to apply these core beliefs in every endeavor -

  • Move quickly, decisions are generally reversible.
  • Explicit is better than implicit.
  • Culture eats process for breakfast.
  • Measure things, whenever you can.
  • Keep a clean workspace. Lower the noise-floor.
  • If something is hard, do it more often.
  • Be curious, and ask.
  • Kindness is better than correctness.
  • Low quality is expensive. So is perfection. Be relentlessly pragmatic.
  • Take an investment mindset, then offer tradeoffs.
  • Earn risk-tokens with boring choices, then place them wisely.
  • Respect new information. Allow it to change your plans.