Case Study - Direct to Consumer eCommerce

Streamlining Global Online Automotive Accessories Sales Through a Tailored eCommerce Solution

EGR Auto
Headless eCommerce Software


As global automotive accessories manufacturer, EGR sought to expand its digital footprint with a bespoke e-commerce website that would seamlessly integrate with its existing software and business processes. The project began with in-depth user interviews to capture the unique requirements of various stakeholders. These insights drove the design of user flows and mockups, ensuring that the website's architecture would not only support a logical and intuitive user journey but also reflect the sophisticated brand image. The graphical design of the website was carefully crafted, focusing on an interface that would cater to the aesthetic preferences and practical needs of a diverse, international customer base.

The technical execution of the e-commerce platform was centered around a "headless" architecture, separating the backend functionality from the frontend presentation layer. This approach allowed for greater flexibility and scalability, especially in handling the distinct nuances of multiple international markets like EGR Australia and EGR USA. The development team meticulously set up the cloud infrastructure on AWS, ensuring robust performance and reliability, while source control was managed through GitHub for streamlined versioning and collaboration. A standout feature of the project was the creation of an "online fitment booking" solution, integrated directly into the e-commerce platform, offering customers a personalized and convenient service option.

The website and eCommerce workflows were then fully integrated with the manufacturer's existing ERP system, QAD, facilitating real-time data synchronization and business process automation. Additionally, the integration with HubSpot's customer service software enabled a cohesive customer experience, from initial contact through post-purchase support. The solution was designed with distinct considerations for multiple international markets, addressing regional preferences and compliance requirements.

After the launch, we provided comprehensive operational support, ensuring the e-commerce ecosystem's smooth and efficient functioning, thus enabling the brand to enhance its global presence and drive sales growth in the digital space.

What we did

  • Design
  • Full-stack Development
  • AWS Infrastructure
  • eCommerce with BigCommerce
  • Custom ERP Integrations
  • Operations and Maintenance

Embracing innovation and customer-centricity, our new e-commerce platform is not just a leap forward in digital sales, it's a strategic move to strengthen our global presence. This headless architecture solution signifies our commitment to providing our customers with an intuitive, seamless, and personalized shopping experience, no matter where they are. It reflects our drive to integrate cutting-edge technology with our robust sales strategy, ensuring that we're not just meeting expectations, but setting new benchmarks in the automotive accessories industry.

Tom Ross
Web Manager
Product SKUs
> 5000
Total Sales
> $5M

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