We are currently in the early stages of multiple healthcare projects. Two examples of these, our Diabetes and Breast Cancer projects, are summarised below. We also have early stage projects in paediatrics and general practice.

None of our healthcare projects have yet been released commercially.

Our team has a unique combination of healthcare domain knowledge and technical software expertise. If you have a concept or project you'd like to discuss with us we'd love to hear from you.


We have a small trial in progress, investigating how we might support people with diabetes continuously, rather than only during appointments.

Patients are granted 24/7 access to their own multidisciplinary care team via a chat interface or telehealth, while we test technology and processes to lower the effort this generates for providers.

Participants include a mix of credentialled diabetes educators, dieticians, exercise physiologists, endocrinologists, GPs, psychologists, people with diabetes, and their families.

Enrollment is by invitation, but please contact us if you would like further information.

Breast cancer

We are in an exploratory phase with a multidisciplinary breast cancer team based on the Gold Coast, including representatives from surgery, radiation oncology, medical oncology, pathology, and radiology.

We're designing new systems and processes to lower the barriers to collaboration, coordination and identification of research opportunities by complementing existing systems with lightweight shared-care records, a common patient information repository and contextual messages between providers.

Please contact us for further information.